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The ConnexCity team manages the lifecycle of engagement with customers and makes the connection between customers’ needs and our team

Translation Services

A large UK based investment bank had an ongoing requirement for the translation of complex financial documents into German, French and Dutch. They approached ConnexCity to provide translation services using experienced capital market professionals familiar with specialist finance terminology,, that they could engage on a flexible basis.


The ConnexCity translators leveraged their first-hand knowledge of capital markets and their bi-lingual skills to translate documents containing specialist finance terminology and sometimes complex topics into the desired language. Our knowledge of native language terminology for financial terms and our familiarity with the subject matter differentiates us from generic translation providers.

As our client required these services on a flexible basis, ConnexCity offered a commercial solution that allowed our client to draw down on a defined package of hours, as and when required over a 6 month period; with the option to purchase additional hours in an ad-hoc on demand basis. This on-going project for ConnexCity provides our client with a robust yet highly flexible solution to meet the changing demands of its business, whilst maintaining the security and confidentiality of the translated documents.

Trade processing and Collateral Management

Whilst undertaking a large scale back office system migration, our client, a major European investment bank, asked to leverage the latent bench strength of our consultant network, to provide operations line backfills to support BAU processing during the testing and integration phase. This enabled the client’s own operations teams to be released so that they could participate in UAT testing which enabled them to learn the new systems and processes that they will be expected to support post the project go live.


Via our ConnexCity platform, we were able to identify qualified and experienced consultants to join the client and assume responsibility for the BAU processing. Such was the experience of the resource pool that we were able to leverage, our consultants were able to add significant value to the client as many brought experience of both the platform being decommissioned and the platform being implemented meaning that our consultants were able to support the existing client resource and train them on the nuances of the new system.

KYC Client Services Team

A global tier 2 Investment Bank engaged with ConnexCity to provide additonal capacity to increase their ability to execute and review KYC cases in accordance with regulatory requirements. The Investment Bank had a ring-fenced porfolio of c.900 cases which required case management, from data collation through to review, and to be completed by the end of the year. The majority of these cases were high risk in nature.

The requirements included providing capacity to expand the current Client Service Team, in order to ensure the cases were completed within the given timeframe.


In conjunction with completing the ring- fenced porfolio, New Link Consulting documented the current state KYC processes and provided recommendations regarding people, processes and technologies suitable to the client’s risk appetite. Additionally, recommendations were proposed for any inefficiencies identified throughout the process.

The ConnexCity team successfully reviewed and remediated the c.900 ringfenced porfolio within the given timeframe. The four Consultants provided efficient and effective case management throughout the project.

Client Outreach

The client had a requirement to perform client outreach in order to close inactive client accounts, due to cost and control reasons. The requirement related to a large number of inactive clients who held live clearing agreements. For this inactive client population, sourcing of address information and letter distribution was handled by the teams, however the tracking of responses, customer liaison, and agreement coordination was handled by the ring-fenced ConnexCity team.


The ConnexCity team were responsible for tracking of customer responses & coordination with legal and transition teams. ConnexCity staff acted as the first point of contact for inactive clients and took responsibility for distribution of appropriate documentation to engaged inactive clients; distribution of appropriate documentation to active clients as required and support and distribution of material relating to delegated trade reporting as required by the client.

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